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Soroptimists wrapping Christmas gifts for the families at Su Casa


Members love

  • Community Service

  • Friendship

  • Skill-Building

  • Connections









We are 

  • Inclusive

  • Thoughtful

  • Focused

  • Supportive

  • Fun!

Membership in a Soroptimist Club is based upon eligibility as provided in the bylaws of the Long Beach club and the Soroptimist International Constitution. Our clubs are inclusive, thoughtful, focused, supportive, and fun! lf you are interested in joining us after reviewing the following information regarding the privileges and responsibilities of membership please complete our Membership Application.


The following overview identifies the general and financial responsibilities of members who wish to maintain annual membership. 

Member Participation

  • SILB meets as a club twice a month, on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 12noon at the Grand in Long Beach. The first meeting each month is the Business meeting where information is shared and planning occurs for upcoming events. On the third Wednesday of each month, a Program meeting is held. Topics are arranged by our Program Chairperson and
    are open to members and guests.
  • Participation in fundraising events is a requirement of membership. Each person is asked to support fundraising projects by both participating in planning and by attending. 
  • Club members are also encouraged to sell tickets to events to friends, family, and other community members.
  • Annual dues are collected each spring. Dues paid support programs for Soroptimist of the Americas (SIA), the Camino Real Region (CRR) and our local club, Soroptimist of Long Beach (SILB)
  • Each member must serve on one planning committee (fundraising, philanthropy, member services, communications/outreach). All members must assist with tasks as requested for each Club major and small fundraising event.
  • Each member must participate in new member recruitment by inviting others to SILB events and/or meetings.
  • Each member must support community service projects by donating items or funds as requested for specified projects, such as Soroptimist Day of Success.
  • Club members are encouraged, but not required to attend regional and Federation meetings (a portion may be paid by the Club).

Meals at Meetings 

  • Regular members will be billed in advance, on a quarterly basis, for two meeting meals per month.
  • ln order to ensure availability of the correct number of meals, members must notify the attendance committee by Friday noon preceding the scheduled Club meeting for planned absences.
  • Credit for excused meals (limited to four per year) will be given during the next billing period.
  • ln the event a member has arranged for an approved leave of absence, she will not be billed for meals during that period.

Estimated Annual Member Expenses (as of 2018). This is subject to variation depending on budget needs and meal costs.

  • Annual Dues: $200
  • Meals:  Approximately $418 per year
    Roughly 19 meals @ $22 each – (2 per month x 10 months except December).
    A maximum of 4 meals may be excused during the year
  • Fundraisers $200 minimum  (minimum purchase of one ticket to each large event and one small event whether in attendance or not)

Total estimated annual member expenses = $800/year

Soroptimist International of Long Beach (S.l.L.B.) is a Club that offers opportunities for making a positive impact on the lives of women and girls in our community and around the world. Please consider joining us as we move forward to support women and girls, here and abroad.