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Soroptimists wrapping Christmas gifts for the families at Su Casa

Membership Provides Opportunities for

  • Fun

  • Community Service

  • Friendship

  • Skill-Building

  • Connections

There are responsibilities associated with membership. Please be sure that you understand the cost & commitment. If you are still interested after reviewing the following information, please complete our Membership Application. Membership in a Soroptimist Club is based upon eligibility as provided in the bylaws of SILB and the Soroptimist International Constitution.


The following overview identifies the general and financial obligations of all members who wish to maintain annual membership. All members will be billed in advance on a quarterly basis for at least one meal per month. Meals are billed in advance and credit for excused meals will be given the following quarter.

Member Meal Obligations.

All regular members will be billed in advance on a quarterly basis for two meals per month except for those months where the Club approved a schedule variation by majority vote. Members may request to be excused from four meetings per year.

  • Members must notify the attendance committee by Friday noon preceding the scheduled Club meeting for planned excused absences, if members seek a refund on their meals (limited to four)
  • Meals are billed in advance. Credit for properly excused meals will be given during the following billing period.
  • Members may make a written request for a leave of absence that may range from an additional 2 meetings (1 month) to no more than 12 meetings (6 months).
  • Only those who are Life Members (grandfathered in) may pay for meals at the door.
  • Club members who have been a member continuously for fifteen years or more may request special consideration by the Board to pay for meals at the door. Annual requests describing the special circumstances needed for “pay at the door” meal status must be submitted in writing for consideration by the Board. The Board will notify members requesting special consideration of its decision.
  • New members may pay for meals at the door until the next billing period following induction. Members who have been granted a leave of absence will not be billed for meals during their leaves.
  • Guests of Soroptimists and prospective members MUST RSVP and pay for their meal prior to the meeting via mail or website.  

General Member Obligations

  • In addition to meals, each member must pay for a minimum of one ticket or make a cash donation equivalent to the value of one ticket to each of the Club’s two major fundraisers.
  • Members must pay annual dues no later than June 1 each year for the following year. Membership dues and all outstanding fees will be considered delinquent if not paid by June 15 each year. A $25 reinstatement fee will be charged for dues paid after June 15.
  • Each member must serve on one planning committee (fundraising, philanthropy, member services, communications/outreach). All members must assist with tasks as requested for each Club major and small fundraising event.
  • Each member must participate in new member recruitment by inviting others to SILB events and/or meetings.
  • Each member must support community service projects by donating items or funds as requested for specified projects, such as Soroptimist Day of Success.
  • Club members are encouraged, but not required to:
    • Sell tickets to friends, family and community members for each major fund raising event;
    • Pay “fines” for personal announcements or make small contributions to the Club at each business meeting;
    • Pay birthday fines to the Club calculated at $.50/year multiplied by your age (e.g., 50 years old =$25.00);
    • Pay for replacement pins and name badges;
    • Attend regional and Federation meetings (a portion may be paid by the Club).

Estimated Annual Member Expenses (as of 2017). This is subject to variation depending on budget needs and meal costs.

  • Annual Dues: $195
  • Meals @ $20/each $400 (roughly 20 meals @ 2 per month x 10 months. A maximum of 4 meals may be excused during the year)
  • Fundraisers $200 minimum  (minimum purchase of one ticket to each large event and one small event whether in attendance or not)
  • Small donations $ 25 (fines, drawings, other small donations throughout the year)

Total estimated annual member expenses = $820/year

The Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer will bill for non-payment of any of the above and provide the Board a list of delinquent members as of June 1 each year. The Board may consider special circumstances or payment plans upon written request.

The fiscal year of SILB is July 1 to June 30. All dues, assessments and payments are due to the Club Treasurer no later than June 1 each year. The total amount of Club dues and all other assessments must be PAID IN FULL by June 15 each year to remain a member in good standing. Members who are delinquent past this deadline may be charged a $25 reinstatement fee.