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A generous donor will match up to $6,000, which will provide the necessary funds for this year’s Live Your Dream educational scholarships and grants for women in Long Beach and the surrounding communities; and our Dream It Be It leadership program for high school girls. DONATE>

Soroptimist is an organization of women who use their collective power to provide other women and girls with the resources and opportunities they need to reach their full potential and live their dreams. Our unique focus on women and girls provides the opportunity to make a better world for ourselves, our daughters and the generations of women to come. Collectively, Soroptimist has helped more than 30,000 women reach their goals and live their dreams through our Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women, by providing access to education and skills-training. To date we have given more than $3 million nationally.

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2020 – 2021
President – Michele Wilkosz


Soroptimist International of Long Beach

Scholarship and Grant Winners 2020

The annual Awards Dinner for Soroptimist of Long Beach (SILB) was just one of the many celebrations canceled because of Covid-19. The club selected the following awardees: young women who have worked hard to better their lives through education.

Alexis Satterwhite   
First Place Winner
Live Your Dream Grant – $3,000

My educational dream has been to one day attend the University of Southern California. I never thought I would ever have the chance to attend any college at all. I am proud to share with you that I will be finishing my AA degree at Cerritos College this summer and I have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to earn a college education. I applied for USC in January 2020 and if I am accepted, I will be attending this fall. My goal is to become a social worker and work with veteran’s families. I also plan on earning a doctorate in social work. The funds from this award will help with any expenses that may come up in my transition from community college to the university, as well as paying for books.

Natasha Milivojevic-Kovacevic   2nd Place Winner
Live Your Dream Grant – $2,000

I am honored for being granted an award from Soroptimist International of Long Beach. Thank you so much. I am beyond grateful for the funds, communication, care and follow up. Currently I am taking five classes and will use the awarded funds for additional summer school classes and college necessities. I am on schedule to graduate in the spring of 2021. I look forward to using my education to help other single mothers in the future.

I truly hope you and your families are doing well during the Covid-19 crises. My two children and I are educating ourselves online, at home, in quarantine.

 Patricia Keblis   Women & Philanthropy
CSULB – $2,500
Patricia’s life has had its challenges starting from a young age. Despite lack of financial and emotional support from parents, she took advantage of every opportunity to learn and advance. She started working part-time and taking college courses in her junior year of high school, all while also participating in clubs and sports.  In 2008, her dad died. She then entered an abusive relationship and her emotional health and grades began to decline and she subsequently took a break from college. Now, Patricia is recent graduate from Golden West College after a seven-year gap in education. She holds ROP certifications in Computerized Accounting and Entrepreneurship. She worked for five years at UCI Medical Center in Emergency Admitting. Patricia is a single mother and the sole provider for her 2-year-old son. She is currently an unemployed full-time student at CSULB. She is “determined to succeed and make a stable life for herself and for her son.” Patricia is a former recipient of the “Live Your Dream” scholarship from the Norwalk-Santa Fe Springs Chapter of Soroptimist International.  Patricia’s current educational goals include graduation in Spring 2021 with a BA in Psychology. She hopes to be accepted into a graduate program to become a LCSW. Patricia says, “As long as I can develop skills and credentials to help people, I will be satisfied with my career choice.”

Renee Green – Katherine White Grant – $1,000

 After leaving an abusive relationship, Renee struggled with obtaining steady employment. It was scary having to rely solely on herself to care for her two girls, but she wanted to try and discover her potential. Renee started school in 2016 taking parenting classes to help her girls and continued in child development achieving the AS designation. Working hard Renee achieved a GPA of 3.53.  This accomplishment gave Renee the confidence she needed. 

Renee decided to continue her studies in nursing as it would offer good employment opportunities. The medical field has always held an interest for her. In 2003 she graduated from a Vocational school program as a Medical Assistant but while still having the loan she never found a placement. Again, in 2012, after attending another Vocational school, Renee became a certified Nursing Assistant and worked in a Long Beach, CA convalescent hospital, where the pay schedule was inconsistent making planning for her family difficult.

Currently at Harbor College Renee is following a path to become a Registered Nurse. Readying herself to apply to the nursing program, Renee is concentrating on the science classes she needs and expects to graduate and begin a satisfying career in 2013.

To paraphrase Renee, “Everything I am doing is to provide a better life for my two girls.”

Jennifer Nicole Baker – Long Beach Community College – Scholarship $800

I could never have imagined the rapid change we would all find ourselves a part of when I first found myself awarded my scholarship. With the great sufferings of the world right now, I feel the collective sadness of everything going on around me. No longer will I be walking across the stage this summer to graduate, or seeing my classmates succeed in person. Many of us are being forced to step out of our comfort zones. I look forward to a sense of normalcy, but I approach everything now with a sense of optimistic caution. I will be graduating in June, and this scholarship helped me with funding for my books, supplies, and a parking pass. I have done my best to maintain a positive attitude. I hope that with this period of being home with my children and family, that I will be able to complete all my course work to the best of my abilities. This scholarship does not just provide a monetary incentive. It provides me with inspiration and hopes to give back to my Long Beach community. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this opportunity and investment in my education. I know one day I will be able to participate in an organization such as yours, with the understanding of how vital scholarships are for students like myself. I have been through so much suffering and pain throughout my life. I know the purpose is to be able to help others. I wish to take these trials and triumphs and play it forward to someone who was once where I was. I feel honored and grateful to be recognized by your organization. I look forward to meeting everyone in person.

Trang T.P. Tran – Long Beach Community College – Scholarship $800

 It is my honor to receive this scholarship from the Soroptimist International of Long Beach. This scholarship will be a tremendous help towards my financial support when I attend the university that I am going to transfer to, California State University Long Beach. This makes me less worried about the financial circumstances that I am having at the present time and gives me a better focus towards my future education, so I can continue with my 4.0 GPA with less stress. I will use these funds for my enrollment fees, books, and other tuition costs, that will enable me to fulfill my educational goals.


Long Beach Community College Scholarship $800

Dream It, Be It Program
This Soroptimist year members collaborated with the LBUSD in conducting a leadership program for young women at two area High Schools, Jordan and Cabrillo.

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach
$3,235 donated to provide meals for a home-bound woman for 18 months, commencing April 2020.

Domestic Violence Project
In October 2019, Soroptimist members donated and delivered items to fully stock the kitchen at the new Long Beach Women’s Shelter home. Every cabinet and drawer were stuffed with both dining and cooking equipment.

A Day of Success
(Scheduled for June 2020, on hold until further notice.)  A special day for women who are entering or re-entering the workforce who need guidance and assistance with wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Soroptimist Club members donate job-appropriate clothing and collaborate with Goodwill, a local non-profit, to provide this day for select recipients.

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