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Soroptimist International of Greater Santa Clarita Valley

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Soroptimist International of Greater Santa Clarita Valley

We are invited to their 
Tuesday, November 14th, 11:30 PM  (check-in starts at 11:15) 
Tournament Players Club, 26550 Heritage View Lane, Valencia
You won’t want to miss this luncheon!  We have two amazing guest speakers and some visiting special guests.
Are you ready?   
Our guest speakers will be Lois Bauccio and Patti Robinson.  
Topic will be Civic Engagement.
Our two special guests will be  
Past SIA President Sam Buchenau and  
Nancy Montvydas, Senior Director of Development at SIA Headquarters in Philadelphia.  
RSVP and Pay Online NLT November 12th, 5pm (Gives registration time to create roster) 
Luncheon cost: $22.  (Lunch cost at door w/o RSVP is $27.)  
 .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  

Speaker Bios

Soroptimist Fashion Show Highlights Women Overcoming Adversity

The “everyday runway” models featured fun, accessible fashion

Past award recipients inspired guests with their stories of success.

Lauri Blanchard pulled off an entertaining, inspiring show with support from the entire committee

Soroptimist International of Long Beach held its third annual fall fashion show Saturday October 28th at Long Beach Marriott. The event highlighted everyday fashion outfits modeled by women who have received scholarships and support from the local nonprofit club. After enjoying several runs of on-trend fashion outfits, the crowd was uplifted by the words of three women who shared their stories of difficult circumstances and their gratitude for Soroptimist’s support with scholarships and Live Your Dream awards.

Each of the three women has pursued her education at CSULB and/or Long Beach City College. One woman graduated with a STEM degree and now works as a bio-engineer in cancer studies. Another studied social work and now works for the domestic violence shelter that protected her family when she was younger. The third young woman is pursuing a degree in speech therapy and walked the runway with a smile that brightened the room.

This fun event raises money each year to support programs such as Soroptimist Day of Success which provides women entering or re-entering the workplace with a donated professional outfit, a make-over session, and interview preparation. Other programs include Live Your Dream providing support for education and training; Dream It, Be It providing career exploration and training at Jordan High School; and support for local domestic violence shelters.Save

September Program Meeting: Breast Cancer Awareness

September Program Meeting: Breast Cancer Awareness

We’re starting out the year with a great program meeting on September 20th! We are happy to welcome Jessica Rayhanabad, M.D. as our guest speaker. She will discuss Breast Cancer Awareness: Breast Cancer, Etiology, Current Management, and Survivorship. This is a timely topic with Breast Cancer Awareness Month just around the corner.

Be sure to invite your friends and potential new members for a tasty lunch, good fellowship, and an informative presentation. Print the flyer and post at work, distribute to friends. Guests can RSVP to Nadia at 310-308-6739.

California Pizza Kitchen will donate 20% of your purchase September 6th

Thank you Cyndi Snyder for setting up another easy peasy fundraiser for Soroptimist and friends! Please email this out to friends and post on your Facebook page. Thanks everyone!
Here’s how it works:  You go for a meal to the California Pizza Kitchen at 6417 E PCH in Long Beach on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, take along the flyer and show it to your cashier. CPK will donate 20% of the cost of your meal to our club. You must show the flyer for the club to get the discount, and it is only good on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.
If you don’t feel like dining in, CPK has curbside service. Just call ahead, and they’ll bring it to your car!

Wahoo’s will donate 20% of your purchase August 16

Thank you Cyndi Snyder for getting this easy peasy fundraiser going for Soroptimist and friends! Please email this out to friends and post on your Facebook page. Thanks everyone!
Here’s how it works:  You go for a meal to the Wahoo’s at 6449 E PCH in Long Beach on Wednesday, August 16, 2017, take along the flyer and show it to your cashier. Wahoo’s will donate 20% of the cost of your meal to our club. You must show the flyer for the club to get the discount and it is only good on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

Giving Badge for 2017-18 Awarded to SILB

Members of SI/Long Beach, CA – Thank you!

Soroptimist Club Giving BadgeClub Giving – We know how hard you work to generate funds for programs that benefit women and girls. We are so grateful and honored you have elected to contribute a portion of those locally raised funds to Soroptimist’s global programming. Your gift of $3,000.00, made on July 3, 2017 is going to travel the world to change the life of a woman or girl who might speak a different language, but still is in equal need of help.

A woman like Sandra, from Bolivia. The $15,000 she received in Live Your Dream Awards funding and the education and stability it made possible, thanks to clubs like SI of Long Beach, CA, once felt very far away.

Sandra was sent to live with her Uncle when she was six, after her father died and her mother became overwhelmed. There, she was beaten and food was withheld. Eventually she made her way back to her mother, who had taken on a new boyfriend. This man attempted to rape her multiple times, and his son succeeded. When Sandra’s mother learned of this, she kicked Sandra out of her home. Sandra grew older and met a seemingly kind man, who over time became violent, a drunk, and unfaithful. Sandra divorced him, and following this, one of her sons committed suicide.

Sandra has had a horrific life. What she dreamt of more than anything else in the world was normalcy. By contributing to Club Giving, you and your fellow members made dreams come true for women like Sandra, who is now on her way to graduating high school and becoming a chef so she can better provide a reliable income for her family. Thank you. 

I am sure that all the members of SI/Long Beach, CA want to know the change they make in a woman or girl’s life. Please share this story with them so they know that every club donation, or action they took to fundraise was well worth it. Additionally, with your generous gift, we are pleased to acknowledge you as a Dream Builders Contributor, with a total donation of $3000.00 for the 2017-2018 Club Giving recognition period.

In recognition of your gift, we’ve attached a virtual sign of our appreciation to this email. The attached badge can be placed on your club’s website to distinguish your club for its outstanding support of women around the world.

On behalf of the many women and girls who will benefit this year from your Club Giving contribution, I’d like to again extend my thanks for your generosity.

In Soroptimist friendship,
Tracy Scala, Chair
Fundraising Council

P.S. SIA President Rose Mary Reid has continued to challenge each club to contribute 10% of their locally raised funds to support SIA’s global work. If your gift represents at least 10% of your local funds, please let us know if you have not done so already by emailing Thank you so much for this extra dedication!

Who Doesn’t Amazon Shop???

Did you know that you could buy shampoo, dog food, shoes, groceries, pond clarifier, photo tools, grandkids tennis shoes….just about anything you can think of! AND if you are a Prime Member ($90/yr) you get free 2 day shipping and access to free movies and 10,000+ songs for your IPod or (apple/droid)phone! OK enough of the sales pitch. Like all stores you have to shop your prices. But did you know …that you could have a portion of Amazon’s profit go to SILB??? So up to this point, I have been directing mine to Mabel Paine Elementary, the school my grandchildren attend. I have not been extra careful about making sure I select the site AMAZON SMILE as opposed to AMAZON (which you don’t get a contribution to the charity of your choice). In the sloppy fashion I have shopped $16.39 has gone to the kids school from 49 orders. So if everyone did this (and you can simply spend 1 minute and change it from Charity choice 1 to SILB anytime) and shopped like I have and we received $16.39 +/-, we would have over $600 in passive donations. I have attached my change to SILB so that you can see where to click (see below, click on link) and let’s see how much we can save on gas from going to the store and see our little stock pile of 0.5% go to SILB!!!! Think about the holidays ladies….they have amazing specials and last year I did most of my shopping from the living room. No bags to carry, no carts to push, no people to shove. Let’s all get together and make sure our charity is SILB!!

As Jaye would say…thanks for listening …

President Julia McConaghy



Dear Julia McConaghy,

Thanks for visiting! Per your request, we have successfully changed the AmazonSmile charity you are supporting to Soroptimist International of Long Beach, CA.

Remember, if you want Amazon to donate to Soroptimist International of Long Beach, CA, you need to start each shopping session at the URL, and we will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases.

Visit Your AmazonSmile Impact to see donation information and learn more about your charity.

AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives.

Please see for program details.

©2017, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Amazon, and the AmazonSmile logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates., 410 Terry Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109-5210.

Our Live Your Dream Award Winner in the News

Here is the copy from the CSULB website newsroom:

By Daniela Alvarez

Jazmin Miramontes has struggled, but not in the way many college students do. Growing up with a hearing impairment, Miramontes has developed thick skin. Now, with less than a month left until her graduation from CSULB, she is putting her future into perspective.
Jazmin Miramontes (Photo by Kevin Tran)

“At the point where I am right now in life, a lot of people would have dropped out,” said Miramontes, a Speech-Language Pathology major. “I felt like giving up, but my mentors always supported me and reminded me to keep going.”

Miramontes has a laundry list of mentors and individuals who have supported her emotionally and financially. This group includes doctors, professors, friends, and family members. They have given her everything from academic and career advice to money for groceries. The one person she is grateful to the most, however, is her mother Lorena.

“My mom reminds me to keep fighting so that someday I can have what I don’t have now,” she said.

Miramontes’ currently works as a college student aid for the Long Beach Unified School District at Polytechnic High School. Although it is not enough to make ends meet, she has found a support system in the staff.

“Dr. Jill Baker and Dr. Tiffany Brown have been constantly supportive and have always believed in me,” said Miramontes.

Miramontes and her mother are currently homeless, but fortunately not out on the street. They are living with a family, the Rolons, in west Long Beach. They first became homeless in October of last year.

“I’m very grateful to everyone who has helped me to get where I am, but I want all of this to be over,” said Miramontes. “I really thank the Rolons for taking us in, but someday I want my own home and to be able to take care of my mom.”

Miramontes’ mother suffers with diabetes. Despite such a setback, she has kept encouraging her daughter to pursue her education and take it to the highest level she can.

“Education is my ticket out,” said Miramontes.

She is waiting to hear back from two graduate programs–one at Idaho State University and another at Utah State University. If accepted to either, Miramontes will have to leave her family behind, but only temporarily.

“Yes, it worries me,” she said, “but I know that I’ll be able to support myself, my mom, and my brother in the end. That’s what my goal is.”

Miramontes and her brother Jose, who attends CSUN, ultimately want to make their mother proud and make a difference in the community they grew up in.

“My mom has done a fabulous job in supporting her kids to get them to college,” she said.

Miramontes’ perseverance and self-confidence has not come easy to her. She has struggled with finding a balance of hope and caution. Nonetheless, her goal to become an audiologist for people with impairments such as hers has remained at the forefront.

“I want to give back to my community and be a role model to kids like me, who also grew up with a single parent, are first generation and have a disability or impairment,” said Miramontes. “A lot of people always told me I wouldn’t make it because I’m Latina, or have a hearing impairment so I want to tell people like me that whatever dream they want to pursue is possible.”

Department Chair of Speech-Pathology Carolyn Madding is one of the many mentors to Miramontes and sees a bright future for her as an audiologist.

“Jazmin’s challenges make her life story to date one that is very compelling,” said Madding. “She has great drive and spirit, and she is a personable, loving and caring individual. You can see it in her eyes and the way she relates to others–she has a captivating personality and she will achieve her goals.”

Miramontes is not planning to put her career goals on hold after her graduation from CSULB. She wants to keep working before getting into graduate school and eventually earn her Doctorate of Audiology.

“This graduation will definitely be a huge accomplishment,” said Miramontes. “But after my doctorate, this battle will finally be over and I can start my life.”

As part of the 2017 commencement at CSULB, Jazmin Miramontes will be walking in the 5 p.m. ceremony for the College of Health and Human Services on Thursday, May 25.

Live Your Dream Winners Get More Recognition at Spring Region Conference

Here are some photos of our Live Your Dream (LYD) winners receiving additional recognition at Camino Real Region Spring Conference.  The photo on the left shows all of the LYD local winners in the region. The photo on the right includes Live Your Dream Winners at with Judy Pedneault, President Susan Berkman, President-Elect Julia McConaghy, Region Delegate Nadia Vega-Sharrar, and member Charlotte Berry.

What is the Annual Spring Conference about?  Spring Conference is our time to share what we, as a Region, have been involved in for the past year. It is our time to recognize our programs, honor our members, conduct the business of the Region, share best practices, and fellowship with each other. It is our time to change the pace, to broaden our knowledge, and understand the direction that our organization, as a whole, is taking. 

Long Beach Soroptimists – Past, Present and Future

39th Annual Camino Real Region Spring Conference

President -Elect Julia McConaghy, President Susan Berkman and Region Delegate Nadia Vega-Sharrar with the display board designed by Julia to demonstrate the club’s past, present and future. Well done, Julia, and congratulations to the Officers and Directors for another great club year.